Girl Talks Books

First, I want to welcome everybody to my page. Second, I’d like to explain what exactly it will be about:

I’ve wanted to create a page where I could rant and talk about anything and everything happening in my life. For example, high school drama. That shit is everywhere. Now don’t expect me to sugar coat things or pretend they aren’t happening.

I wanted to talk about anything regarding my social medias such as Wattpad – a page where I write my books. I love writing, I love reading and not just that, I adore my readers. But sometimes, they can be quite a pain in my ass – regarding taking things too seriously especially when it comes to book updates. I’ve gottenĀ threats.

I also want to talk about my life in general. What I’ve learned, my experiences and my mistakes. I want to give you advice on anything and everything you want. Whether it’s about your first love, or advice on writing, survival tips and so on. The world is a blank canvas and so is this blog.

So until next time,



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